Friday, 18 September 2015


Hi again! I'm here with a second post from Berlin, but this time, it's an outfit! Of course, when you go on a citytrip to a fabulous city like Berlin, you want to dress the part, but you can't take your entire closet with you on the plane, that extra luggage is expensive as hell! Solution: packing stuff that is versatile and combinable with the rest of your suitcase. Enter jeans, stripes,  basic colours and this freaking awesome bomber jacket by one of my favourite Belgian brands, Titi+The German Kid. I spotted it at the press days last years, and I immediately fell in love. Quirky, fun and extremely cool, that's my kinda shit! You can imagine the excitment when I spotted this gem in the sale section last month, and I couldn't contain myself. This piece is definitely a conversation starter, and I'm all about that! My mom had to think twice though, being a religion teacher, but luckily she could see the joke in it. I also immediately knew I wanted to take it to Berlin, because it matches the city's cool vibe and relaxed atmosphere. I literally threw this jacket over almost every outfit and I immediately fell like a total badass. SCORE! The orange detailing gives every ensemble that little extra oumpf it needs, and I'm quite sure that I'll be wearing this jacket throughout the entire season of Autumn.

 Wearing: Jacket: Titi+The German Kid  Sweater: Esprit  Necklace: Sternum 
 Pictures by Elise Watteyn
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