Sunday, 6 September 2015


Hello there! Woops, time for a little update! A lot has happened since I published my last post, you know, the one about make-up having no gender. First of all, I want to thank you guys for all your support and kind comments, that really meant a lot to me. The post actually got picked up by several online magazines, and I couldn't be happier/more proud/more excited or flabbergasted. The day my post went life, I already got a message from a writer (and one of the best journalists of our generation, in my humble opinion), asking me if she could publish a piece about my post on Knack Weekend the next day. Sooooo, long story short: that happened! Read it here (only in Dutch tho, sorry). Also, online LGBTQ magazine Zizo published a short article on their site, and about a week later, Belgian fashion platform extraordinaire wrote a piece about my blog in general. Quite a lot of excitment to take in guys!
Second of all: I TURNED 18! Yes, I am finally officially an adult now! At least, in theory I am. I got a surprise manicure, went and chose a new pair of glasses at my optician, got surprised again with a deluxe and amazing breakfast with mah gurlsssss and... DYED MY HAIR PURPLE! Yes, that's right! I wanted to dye my hair a fun colour for a really long time, and what better timing than now, so that I can show of how great I am at being an adult? The colour turned out a little brighter than expected, but hey, that shit fades, so ain't nobody gotta worry! Also I love the fact that there are different shades of purple in my hair: some grey-ish, some pastel-y, some just neon purple... This night, I am actually going to Berlin, I can't wait to roam those artsy streets while rocking my purple do. To celebrate my crazy colour, I came together with a good friend of mine, and we did a little photo shoot. How do you like the results?

Pictures by Lotte Moortgat (thanks boo!)

Thank you for reading, see you when I come back from Berlin! Be sure to follow all my adventures abroad on my instagram account!


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