Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Hi guys! Whoaw, it seems like a decade since I last posted something on here! I have a decent excuse though, since this week I finally started college life! I am studying languages and literature, and so far, it has been overwhelming but SO MUCH FUN! I especially love that feeling of freedom you get when studying in a bigger city. The possibilities seem endless! I am planning on running a fresh breeze of air through the blog, with some new categories and stuff, but first I'd like to get used to the overload of new information, people and influences. Soon more about that!
For today, I came up with a simple shopping/inspiration kinda moodboard, because I have been noticed a new little obsession of mine: sequins.
Yes, call me a magpie, but I am crazy about everything shiny and sparkling. And if someone ever tells you that sequins are only socially acceptable during the holidays: get rid of them. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. Seriously though, I see no reason why one wouldn't be able to wear glitter and sheen throughout the whole year! After all, fashion is about having fun, and about making that everyday routine just a tad more amusing. One little note though: there is a serious shortage of sequined items for men out there. Don't get me wrong, I'd wear women clothes, IF ONLY I WEREN'T AN ALMOST TWO METRES TALL GIANT. Therefore, most of the women's sweatshirts reach to my belly button, and don't get me started on trousers! Sometimes I get lucky, thanks to the 'oversized' trend, and according to some very simple calculations, the kimono and short sleeved sweatshirt should fit me. The biggest problem is mostly my arms, because those are ridiculously long, but I think I could rock these two items, since they feature cropped sleeves anyway. Also, almost half of the items I selected are on sale now, so what's not to shop? (That hot dog pillow is giving me LIFE GOALS btw) 

Slip-Ons: ASOS △ Out of My Mind Sweater: O'ren △ Kimono: Essentiel (ON SALE!) △ Grey Sweatshirt: ASOS △ Pillow: Filles à Papa (ON SALE!) △ Loser Cap: Filles à Papa (ON SALE!) △ Burgundy Bag: Vanessa Bruno (via Farfetch)

What do you think about sequins? Which Item do you like the most?
Thank you for reading! 


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