Saturday, 31 October 2015


Hello everyone! How are you today? Feeling spooky? Today is the day of Halloween, and I honestly love this holiday. Dressing up, partying with friends, eating a shitload of candy,... I'm all about it! Sadly, people here in Belgium don't really celebrate Halloween that much, but this year, I wanted to do something special nonetheless. A dear friend of mine, Ellen Devos, does mindblowing bodypaint on people with her project called Bodypaint By Ellen, and together we came up with the idea of joining forces this Halloween.
First of all, I had to find a design I liked. Luckily, I follow some beauty vloggers on YouTube, and I quickly got inspired by this neon, rainbow skull tutorial by Desi Perkins. We decided to go for that one, and then, it was time for the real stuff: the painting itself. Ellen worked not less than 4 hours on this design, she came up with some amazing ideas herself, and man, did she take it to the next level! She painted my neck with some colourful muscles showing, and she turned my hands into very lifelike (or should I say deadlike? Halloween puns, can't go without 'em) skeleton claws. I must say, I knew she was talented from seeing the pics on her Facebook page, but damn, she blew me away with her skills and abilities! This isn't your regular face- or bodypainter, you guys, this is an artist. I am so greatful to be surrounded by such talented friends, and I am forever thankful that she took the time and patience to do this with me.
Also, I thought the make-up was too good to be washed away after the pictures were taken, so I ended up walking around like a rainbow skull all day. Let me tell you, strolling through the city centre and taking a train with this face on was the best thing I did in a long, long time. Children who are fascinated and a little scared, random adults who tell you you look awesome,... This facepaint really was a conversation starter! I hereby want to start a petition for facepaint to be worn all year round, it honestly brightens up your day!

Be sure to follow Ellen's other amazing work on her Facebook page and website (she does some mindblowing full body and belly painting over there) and follow her on instagram to brighten up your feed! Ellen, thank you so much for doing this, I couldn't thank you enough! 

What are your plans for Halloween? What do you think of this look?
Thank you for reading! 


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  2. Zo awesome! Echt zo'n zonde om het eraf te wassen, groot gelijk dat je zo een hele dag hebt rondgelopen :D
    Naomi, x

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