Sunday, 18 October 2015


Hello everybody! Time for something SUPER exciting: after last week's post where I showed you the lookbook pictures of the upcoming Ximon Lee for H&M collection, I am now teaming up with H&M to share my take on my favourite pieces. There will be two outfits in total, one today and one on Tuesday, two days before the collection drops. That way, you know which pieces you might want to look after, and you can schedule your early Thursday morning  to snatch those exclusive looks!
For my first outfit, I picked the most tricky garment of the whole collection: the midi skirt-trousers combo. I loved the look of it in the campaign shots, and I wanted to challenge myself to make this piece work, even when I had never worn anything like it before. I wanted to play with volumes and shapes, and therefore I combined these trousers with my loose COS shirt. To create some kind of waist, I tucked the tee in, and I really love the result. These trousers have me feeling some kinda way, that's for sure! Inspired by the lookbook, in which the models wore ragged denim sandals, I added my Teva's and a heavy sock to give this outfit an even quirkier vibe.

If there's one thing you do, please take a close look to the details on the pants. This garment is so beautifully constructed, it boggles my mind. The zippers, the lining, the fabric, absolutely gorgeous. Probably one of the prettiest things I have ever worn, and I can see and feel how H&M and Ximon Lee really did their best to maintain the quality of the collection. Great job, guys!
I paired up with my amazingly talented friend Lien, who also did my #MAKEUPHASNOGENDER post, and I can't help but be really proud of how these shots turned out. The images were shot in RAW, which is something quite new for me, but the quality and detail in these pictures is flipping AMAZING. Definitely something to keep in mind when it comes to shooting in the future. (Thanks Annebeth for the tip!)

For now, I'll let you enjoy this outfit, keep an eye on the blog later this week to see part two of my take on the mind-blowing collection. Spoiler alert: it will feature my absolute favourite pieces of the whole collection!





WEARING: Trousers: Ximon Lee x H&M (dropping next Thursday!) △ Tee: COS △ Sandals: Teva

The pictures were taken by Lien Coppens, who went out of her way so that I'd be able to share these pics with you as soon as possible (aka now). Lien, thank you for being the creative, loving and amazing person you are, you ROCK! Also, thank you to the Belgian press team that gave me the opportunity to do my thang with these awesome pieces!

What do you think of this outfit? Will you be waiting in line to pick up some pieces from the collection? I certainly will!
Thank you for reading!