Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Well hello everyone! How are you doing on this drooly, grey Tuesday? The weather may be quite depressing, but I'm here to brighten your day, with the second part of my Ximon Lee x H&M collaboration. If you haven't seen part one yet, you can read that HERE.
To be honest, I might be even more excited about this outfit than I was about the previous one, if that is humanly possible. The pieces I am wearing here are my favourite ones from the whole collection, and I adore the way they look together. I love how these pieces are quite eye-catching and wearable at the same time: the oversized collar, the different zippers, the cropped lenght of the sweatshirt,... It's all in the details, folks! Seriously though, the detailing on these items is crazy, and that goes for the entire collection, actually. I also LOVE those ragged hems, it makes the garments feel alive, or something. You get what I mean.
The shirt and sweater turn out to be quite versatile too, and like I said, they are more wearable than I expected. When paired with a simple jeans and a good jacket, these pieces could become everyday wear, and on days when I wanna go all out (aka most of the days), I sure as hell would combine the shirt and sweater, and look hella fly doing so. I'm all about making that street my runway!
Once again, I am over the moon with the pictures that accompany this post. Quite funny to think that this background and the grey one from part one of this collab were located right next to eachother. Talking about blogger conveniences! What do you think?


 Wearing: Shirt: H&M X Ximon Lee (Thursday in stores) △ Sweater: H&M X Ximon Lee (Thursday in stores) △ Shoes: Nike ID
Pictures by Lien Coppens ♡

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Thanks to the H&M Press team for letting me play around with these stunning pieces, thanks Lien Coppens for the amazing pictures and THANK YOU for reading!