Sunday, 4 October 2015


Hello everyone! How are you today, on what seems to be one of the last days of Indian summer? I really loved the weather the past week, and of course, like the profesh blogger I am,  I've taken advantage of the sun to shoot an outfit for you guys! Also: going to university in a big(ger) city really opens up perspectives guys: the amount of great locations is out of the freaking roof! I can't wait to show you some other little corners and places of gorgeous Ghent. 
On to the outfit: The one item I really wanted to show y'all, is this Calvin Klein Jeans dégradé sweater I found in Berlin. We were on our way to the city center, when we spotted the local TK Maxx store. I had never been inside of one before, so I was quite excited to hop in there and take a look. At first I got a little disoriented, but when I found the Gold Label section, I knew I hit the jackpot. After a little browsing through the different racks, I found this enormously oversized (it's an XXL) Calvin Klein sweater. When I tried it on though, I immediately saw possibilities to combine and style it. Also, for one third of the original price, I couldn't really doubt, could I? 
In this outfit, I actually styled the two most oversized items in my closet together: this sweater and my ripped jeans. Thanks to the fitted shirt and some rolling up / tucking in here and there, I still managed to create a silhouette that, in my opinion, is the perfect combo of casual and chic. The classic white shirt, some jewelry and of course that amazing Delvaux bag elevate this outfit to something more than just my everyday homewear. 
I really love how these shots worked out, let me know what you think! 

pics by Yasmin Crombez ♡
Wearing: Sweater: Calvin Klein Jeans △ Shirt: C&A △ Jeans: River Woods △ Shoes: Nike △ Jewelry: Souvenirs from Berlin △ Bag: Delvaux

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 What do you think of this outfit?
 Thank you for reading! 


  1. DELVAUX!? You are wearing my dream! En zaaaalige sneakers ook. Echt een top outfit Joppe! Ik loop super ver achter met alle nieuws en wist nog niet dat je in Gent studeerde (how did I miss this?). Zo leuk! Ik ben net weg uit de stad en opniew enorm gelimiteerd in shoot locaties. Ik haat het. #bloggerproblems much?

  2. Zo'n mooie trui, je merkt totaal niet dat die te groot is! How zalig zijn uw wenkbrauwen ook in combi met die bril :p
    Naomi, x