Sunday, 13 December 2015


Hello everyone! How are you guys doing today? Are you all ready for a new week? My schedule has been very, very busy lately, and I guess  you can tell by the lack of posts on here. Exams are coming up, and most of my time is consumed by either a) (an attempt at) studying b) getting my shit together or c) freaking out because I don’t have my shit together. Bear with me through this new, stressful period, and please don’t kill me if you find fewer posts than usual on here. 

Today, I have the results of a little shoot for you! My friend Lotte, who is studying photography, asked me to get dolled up and pose for a school assignment she had. If you know me, you know I am not saying no to any opportunity to show off my amazing modelling skills (just kidding). Taking these pictures was quite the hustle by the way: we found this cool bendy road that we wanted to shoot on, but we hadn’t taken in mind the gazillion cars that were going to pass every two seconds. After all, things worked out and the pics ended up being a lot cooler than I expected, so I figured I’d show them to you!

 I did my make-up very last minute, but I am happy with how it turned out: my go to dark lip with my good old trusty highlight and a subtle golden eye look (that is not quite visible due to my glasses, but hey, I know it was there!) The combination of my face with my outfit worked really well in my opinion, what do you think? By the way: thanks to Margot, my web designer and allround tech wizard, the blog lay-out got a little update! How do you like the bigger pictures? When times get a little less busy, we are planning on giving this space a more thorough cleanse, so stay tuned for that!

Pictures: © Lotte Moortgat

What do you think? Thank you for reading! 


  1. Toffe foto's! En niets zo vervelend als uit de weg gaan om de 5 tellen tijdens een shoot :p Mooie vernieuwde layout ook :) ik heb graag BIG foto's haha

  2. niets zou beter kunnen aan deze outfit! en grote foto's ftwww

  3. Ik wil er ook zo goed uitzien met last-minute makeup :'(
    Heel mooi!
    Naomi, x

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