Saturday, 27 February 2016


Hey everybody! Before I made my grant return with the Issey Miyake collabs I worked on for the past two weeks, I had been on a small blogging hiatus. Now, I must say, it's not because this little place on the webz was gathering dust, that I sat my ass down during my time away. Actually, quite some cool things happened! I thought it would be a good idea to give you guys a little overview of all the cool stuff that went down in my world! This might become quite a chatty post with an extensive amount of pictures, so grab a drink and something to nibble on, get comfortable and (if you'd like to) read on!


 First of all, I was part of the campaign #ConquerYourFlaws, a campaign created by some friends of mine, for a school project they had to do. We shot a little video, and the cool part of it all was that I got to work with Sabine Peeters, make-up artist and trooper for body positivism, and someone I really look up to. It was amazing to meet her, and to work with her, and we actually had a really fun day on set. More cool stuff: when the campaign video got released, there were several magazines and papers that noticed it, and wrote something about it. All of a sudden, the little #ConquerYourFlaws campaign went kinda viral! I must say, it was quite the experience to have been able to be a part of this special project. You can watch the video here, by the way!


Right before I had to dive into the madness that are the exams, I had the opportunity to relax to the fullest for one very last time. I got to visit Wu Wei, situated in Courtrai (Kortrijk). Wu Wei is Wellbeing Center with an amazing variety of relaxing activities to offer: from sauna's over pools to massages and treatments, they really have it all! I tried out the facial and hand treatment, and let me tell you, I walked out of there feeling reborn. I honestly can't wait to go back and try the amazing looking baths and sauna's. Wu Wei honestly feels like an oasis of peace and quiet in the middle of a busy city, and it. Is. The. Best. Thing. Ever. Highly recommended!


Another very exciting thing: at the end of last year, I got interviewed for a Belgian newspaper, coincidentally the paper we, here at casa De Campeneere, have been reading all our lives. It was quite surreal to know that people all across the country woke up with a cup of coffee and an extra dose of fabulousness that morning (I'm kidding)! The outcome of that photoshoot was actually very nice, even though everything was scheduled VERY last minute. But hey, as long as it looks good in the end, right? I honestly still feel so grateful for every opportunity and feature I get, I can't believe this is my life! I owe a lot of it to you guys, so a massive thank you isn't out of place here. LOVE! 


This may seem a little less exciting to you guys, but let me tell you, I was over the moon when I managed to bring out this wing in only one try. You have to know, my last try at winging it (my eyeliner, that is) dates from about a year ago, and it wasn't the prettiest thing. Actually, it was so bad I decided winged liner wasn't for me, and I buried my hopes in the back of my make-up kit. It wasn't until Adele wowed everyone with her flawless voice and - dare I say so - even more flawless liner that I gave it another shot. And this was the result! This is quite definitely my fav selfiie I have taken in a long, long time, and I thought it was appropriate for me to share this happy moment with you. A little random, yes, but not everything has to be big news, am I right? 

This was my little roundup with a few highlights from the past months, I hope you liked it! If you have followed my instagram for a while you might have seen some of the pictures already, but I still wanted to tell you some in-depth insider info to these stories. 

Do you like these kinds of posts? 
Thank you for reading! 

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  1. De #QonquerYourFlaws video was echt prachtig. Jullie hebben dat allemaal KEI goed gedaan. WuWei heb ik al een paar keer op Instagram zien passeren en ik wil ook zo graag eens in dat buitenbad duiken. Het ziet er hémels uit. Spijtig dat Kortrijk bijna helemaal aan de andere kant van het land ligt. Ik ben benieuwd wat er nog allemaal gaat komen voor jou. Je bent super goed bezig!! xo