Sunday, 21 February 2016


Happy Sunday everyone! How are you doing today? Enjoying the last bits of the weekend? I'm still getting back in my usual blogging routine, but I am happy to share part two of my Issey Miyake collab with you all today!

For this look, I really wanted to work with this dreamy, flowy cardigan that shifts from blue to green when you wear it. Right when I saw it, I knew I wanted to create a silhouette around it. For the bottom part of the outfit, I wanted to play with a different side of Issey Miyake, after the dress I wore in part one of this collab (did you miss part one? Catch up here, you're welcome!). I opted for a pair of trousers this time, but let me tell you, they are not your regular type of pants. First of all, they look awesome. The cropped fit, the vertical lines, the wide legs, this is just a treat to style. Secondly, these pants are so beautifully crafted it actually amazes me. They are so well made and honestly, seeing and wearing pants like this makes me want to throw all my highstore stuff out of the window. Sadly, this gal's on a budget so I'll just stick with wearing things like this every once in a while, lolz. As if these were not amazing already, they also fit like a dream and they actually feel like sweatpants when wearing them so yeah, nothing but winners here!

For the make-up, I decided to go all out: since this silhouette is rather boy-ish, I figured I could as well rock some make-up with it to spice things up a bit! I love how it turned out in the end, what do you think?

I love how Maya, the photographer I collabed with again, captured the movement and the colours of the cape, and I am really happy with the contrast between the concrete background and the flowy garments. The skatepark was actually more crowded than we expected, and let me tell you, posing while some swaggy youngsters are doing their swaggy skate thang just milimeters away from you was QUITE THE CHALLENGE! Nonetheless I love how these pictures turned out, hopefully you like 'em too!

 Pictures by Maya Bogaert  from Archistas (thanks again girl, you rock ♡)
 Wearing: Cape/Trousers: Issey Miyake △ T-Shirt: Esprit △ Shoes: Floris van Bommel 
What do you think of this second outfit? Thank you to Issey Miyake and Jill for the clothes, special thanks to Maya for making me look like a model and thank YOU for reading! 

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  1. Omai, ik zou dat echt niet durven met allemaal volk rondom mij :D Topkerel!
    Die makeup is ook echt cool 👌
    Naomi, x