Sunday, 1 May 2016


Hey y'all! Today, I'll finally be sharing some results of the shoot I did recently! I posted the moodboard in my previous post (see it HERE), and now, I have finally come around to selecting and editing the pictures, and I am actually very happy with how they turned out! Especially if you take in mind that we had to find a location, clothes, assistance and make-up looks on a very short notice. (hashtag that hustlin' life)

As I told you in my last post, I wanted to go for that warrior-kinda vibe, a tough girl living in the woods, not letting anybody mess with her, if you get what I mean. To be honest, that all turned out better than I expected, with great thanks to my model/friend Elise, of course. For the make-up, I went with glowy skin, neutral lips and a simple eye, in neutral, earthy tones. Elise actually did her hair herself, and I freaking loved it! Can I get an AMEN for multitalented models? Last but not least, I really have to give some kuddos to the greatest assistent of all time: Paulien, thanks for being awesome and bearing with me while I hustled the day away! I shared some more pics on my photography page on Facebook, you can check them out here if you want to! Let me know what you think of how the shots turned out! 

Photography, Styling and Make-up by me
Model: Elise Watteyn
Assistance: Paulien Van Der Looven
Elise is wearing: Dress/Shirt: Trend One (thanks to Oona)Shoes: Sacha △ Bracelet (my own)
Thank you for reading! 

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