Sunday, 3 July 2016


Hey everyone! What's good? I told you I had some cool things coming for you guys, and well, I didn't lie! (at least in my opinion, lelz) This is actuallythe first part of a two part editorial I created around two different pairs of shoes with a lot in common. They are both collabs between a famous shoe brand and a Scandinavian designer, they are both minimalistic, urban cool and they are gorgeously contrasting eachother in colour. And actually, it's that contrast that sparked the idea of this two-legged shoot. To execute my ideas, I wanted to team up with someone I trusted and someone I knew has a knack for finding that perfect composition and the right angle to capture the essence of a look. After some thinking, I immediately thought of Maya from Archistas, the same amazing photographer who shot my Issey Miyake and Reebok looks some time back. We started brainstorming, moodboarding and Pinteresting, we picked a date, et voilĂ , here are the first results of a whole nine to five day of shooting!

Today I'll be focusing on these awesome Palladium X Sopopular boots. I've been a fan of Palladium for quite a while, and when Nadia from Walkie Talkie PR told me there was a collab coming up that would totally fit my style, I got very excited. Turns out she was completely right, and can I just say how cool it is when people working in PR go beyond their professional job and actually care for a genuine relation between brand and blogger? It's just a dream to work with someone like that.

About the shoe: This pair is just the perfect, futuristic looking, genderless pair of boots EVER. They are made out of an amazingly soft suede, and the combination of a zipper and a velcro overlay not only gives them a very sleek look, but it also makes these boots fit like a glove. The dove grey colour gave me inspiration for a very non-contrasting look of whites and greys, and in combination with the white setting, this makes the perfect first part of this monochromatic editorial. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone by choosing shorts and knee length socks over regular jeans, but that's what I like to do on here: this blog gives me a space to experiment and try new things, and I attempt to deliver refreshing and original content for you guys, and this look actually turned out great, in my opinion!  The second part of this Contrasting Monochromes editorial will go up on Wednesday, so stay tuned for that! Little spoiler, it's a cool one as well, if I do say so myself. But first, more Palladium pics!


Pictures by Maya Bogaert (Archistas)
(thank you boo for once again putting up with my crazy ideas!)

Wearing: Jacket: Zara △ Shorts: Pull&Bear △ Shoes: Palladium x Sopopular

Shooting this was once again a whole new experience, and a learning path for the future. I loved how these shots turned out, and I hope you do too! 

Thank you for reading, and see you soon for PART TWO! 

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