Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Hi again, babies! How have you been? I'm currently enjoying my getaway in France, and life doesn't get better than this: sleeping in, brunching, sipping wine and BBQ'ing the night away, I could get used to this! Today, I am here with the second and final part of my Contrasting Monochromes series, which I introduced to you guys last Sunday. In part one, I showed you guys my Palladiums in a monochrome look, using mostly whites and pale greys, and today I am showing you the other side, the dark side, if you want to call it that. The star of today's post is no other than this gorgeous pair of Teva's, created in collaboration with Han Kjobenhavn, an amazing Danish label. Of course, this second look is also captured by none other than my crazily talented homegirl, Maya, from Archistas, and I once again love how these turned out. 

Now, let's talk about these Teva's for a little. First of all, I can't even express to you guys how high-pitched my squeal was when I opened the box and discovered these bad boys actually had a platform sole. Ever since Teva came out with those gorgeous white flatforms last summer, I have been dreaming of a flatform of my own, but let's face it, life's hard when you got a shoe size 12, and God knows I love fashion, but I'm not gonna stepsisterwise cut of my heel to fit in a pretty pump. Ya feel me?
I'm drifting off, back to these black beauties! I love how different these are, unilke anything I have ever seen in a sandal. Also, these are very genderless, and I can only be happy that they are also branded as such: in the campaign shots, these are worn by both men and women. YAY FOR GENDERLESS MARKETING!

On the outfit: this shirt is something else. Yes, this is actually a T-shirt, and yes, I am wearing it as a dress. I bought this shirt in the Weekday sales, and when I got it, it turned out to be A LOT longer than I thought. I was actually planning on sending it back, because I kinda felt unsure about it all, and then I decided: No. I was going to keep it. This piece is the perfect blank canvas to broaden my ungendered side of dressing. When tucked into some pants, it falls gorgeously and can be worn as an actual tee, and when worn by itself, it is the perfect genderless (to be fair, mini on me) dress. I want to keep challenging myself, keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and this - at first sight - bad buy was the perfect excuse to do so. That, and the fact that I didn't feel like putting up with rewrapping it and sending it back, lelz. So here I am, rocking a minidress on the stairs of a busy Belgian railway station, as one does.
I kept the rest of the look minimal, only pairing it with this oversized bracelet from Helix. It felt like the perfect match to top off this outfit. Some exaggerated black make-up, that, yes, got wrinkly on my forehead, but let me tell you: that's just what happens with make-up if you actually live and have an expressive face, and no, I am not an old man, and no, those wrinkles aren't there when I am not wearing make-up or flexing my face. And even if they were, that's just the way it is hunny. I ain't ready for botox. Some jetblack lips to finish it all, et voila, it had been done. Just a casual Sunday's church look, yaknow. Tell me, would you go to communion in this simple attire? (insert winkyface)

Pictures by Maya Bogaert (Archistas)
Thanks boo for once again putting up with my crazy ideas! 
Wearing: T-Shirt Dress: Weekday △ Shoes: Teva X Han Kjobenhavn (shop the collection HERE) △ Arm Cuff/Bracelet: Helix

Once again, this editorial has been a great learning experience to me, and I love how it turned out. I pushed myself to take it farther than I had ever done before, I planned things out, I made a visionboard. This all made me realise how much I love creating things, stories, for you guys, and I love it even more when things turn out to be greater than you expected. Thanks for your support on this crazy ride, let me know what you think! I'll see you very soon x

Thank you for reading! 

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  1. dit is zo cooooool, de eyeliner lips zijn gorge en de foto's amaga