Monday, 11 July 2016


Hello everyone! Dayum, I am really on a roll here, am I? Posting regularly and stuff, look at me, being a profesh AF blogger! Just kidding, I already told you, after being away for such a long time due to school, I had some really cool projects to work on, and I clearly am very eager to share them with you!

In today's post, I'll be talking about something quite special to me: sunglasses. Special, you may ask? Sunglasses? You see them everywhere nowadays, from the runway to your local supermarket (yas, checkout display realness). But to me, sunglasses were always something special. You see, I have had prescription glasses ever since I can remember, and not the least, too. Basically, your boy does not have the best sight, and he needs quite heavy corrections to be able to even properly tell white apart from black (well, not really, but you get the point).  Thus, my only chance of ever getting sunnies was at an optician, and nowhere else. Up to now, I never had a pair of prescripted sunglasses, but that's where Optiek Lammerant entered the dance.

I have had a loving relationship with Optiek Lammerant ever since I moved to the gorgeous almost-city that is Deinze, about seven years ago. I needed a new optician, and this one seemed too perfect to be true: the greatest selection of glasses, regular ones and sunnies, and always on top of their game when it comes to costumer service and professionalism. I picked my first pair of glasses there about six years ago, and last year in August, I went back for a new pair because my prescription needed an upgrade. I went there because I love the people, I love the glasses, I love the service, and I went there totally unsponsored. Yep, may seem strange in this crazy world of even crazier collabs, but my relationship with Optiek Lammerant is as genuine as can be. I go and visit their showroom every once in a while, to stay up to date with their newest deliveries, and you can imagine my joy when, while instagrammin' a pic of a couple of sunnies, they proposed me to work together. They offered for me to pick a pair of sunglasses from their collection, and rock it troughout the Summer. So yes, this is a collab, but certainly one that grew organically, and one that is, in fact, totally me, and comes from a place of love and respect.

Optiek Lammerant recently redid their entire showroom, which resulted in an even more welcoming and beautiful environment to pick your fave glasses, and I absolutely love how it turned out. Together with my partner in crime, Lisa, I went to the official opening, and we tried on some of the newest sunnies while sipping some champagne (you might have seen some of our shenanigans on instagram (@joppe_dc) or snapchat (joppe_dc)), and let me tell you, it was a delightful night! If you are ever able to, be sure to check out their gorgeous store, and if you are not able to, well, thank the internet, because you can just go and browse the webshop to check everything hot and happening in glasses-land.

After some going back and forth, and trying on about a gazillion pairs, I finally went with these gorgeous mirrored Dior glasses. These are the newest Diorama's, and they were hot of the press when I first tried them on. If you couldn't tell, I like my sunglasses fab, unique and to be able to hide, like, half my face. Check, check and check! The amazing mirror on the glasses as well as the frame inspired me an Maya to base our entire concept around it, and when we found this amazing mirrored building on our way to another shoot location, we where nothing but thrilled. It seemed perfect! I wore my robotic-vibed tee I got from Zara a long time ago, and I paired it with an abundance of highlight, for that chromatic look. The fact that all passengers were at risk of being blinded while walking past, was nothing but a side issue. I once again love the magic Maya worked on these pics, and I can't help but be very proud of what we did together, once again. What do you think?

Pictures by Maya Bogaert (Archistas)
You nailed these once again, baby! 

Wearing: Sunglasses: Dior (via Optiek Lammerant) △ T-Shirt: Zara 

Thank you for reading! 

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