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Hey guys! What's good? Today I am very excited to share a very, very cool brand with you, a brand that not a lot of people know yet, and a brand that took my heart from the very first time I got introduced to it: Billy X Club. To change things up, I came up with five solid reasons to become a member of the Billy X Club, instead of just giving you a rambling roundup that you could find on any leaflet or website. The pics of this post are once again by Maya Bogaert, the photographic genius behind a lot of my looks lately, and I love the vibe of these. If I wouldn't have tell you that these were taken in downtown Brussels, I think I'd get away with something Central Park-like, no? I really wanted those high-energy city vibez, because the perfume I chose (and used as an inspiration for this post) is named City High. But more about that later! Let's first get into our little list.

Even though Ellen, the owner and desiner behind Billy X Club, is living in Norway, she's proud to say that her label is completely Belgian. She thinks Belgium should be more proud of itself, and when all big perfume brands put 'Made in France' on their bottles, sometimes even merely because of marketing purposes, Ellen is not about that life. Stamping her products with 'Made in Belgium', she's not afraid to show your roots to the world. Signs of a true boss lady!

With Billy X Club, Ellen really wants to create a kind of community around her perfumes. A community of free spirits, of wild souls, of creative minds and unique thinkers. Personally, I love this idea: members of the Billy X Club who deliberately picked a perfume to represent themselves can find eachother through the scents. I feel like that's what this world needs in chaotic times like these: to come together, to unite, and if that's something that a brand can stimulate, I am completely sold!

For me, this might be the biggest reason why I love Billy X Club as much as I do: it's all about personality. Like Ellen says herself: the scents emphasize what makes you you. The Billy X Club does not discriminate, everyone can join: no matter what colour, no matter what sexuality, no matter what religion. It's all about who you are, in your own unique way, and the scents that Billy X Club creates are there to bring out the real you. Wear your personality and wear it with pride, if that isn't something I relate to, I don't know what is!

Look, we are all suckers for some good packaging, and if you tell me you're not, you're probably lying. Luckily, Billy X Club has a really recognizable aesthetic, with a combination of consistency and variation on each bottle. All bottles are the same shape with the same cap, but every scent features a different design, drawn in the particular Billy X style. You have to see it for yourself to really get it. The bottle size is perfect to throw into any handbag, btw, for the practical minded peeps out there. One thing I know is: I LOVE IT.

I mean, obviously, I love the smell of the Billy X Club scents, which is kinda a key point of any perfume label. The cool thing is that Billy X Club has two completely genderless scents, which I love (because DUH), and of course, thanks to the kick-ass philosophy behind the brand, it is completely okay for you to wear whatever scent you like. HASHTAG SMELL HAS NO GENDER, yaknow, just getting out there killing every norm there is, with a little help from the Billy X Club. We got your back, baby!

Now, let's go on with some pictures!

Pictures by Maya Bogaert (Archistas)
Thanks for all the goooooorgeous pics, baby, working with you is always a dream! 

Become a part of the Billy X Club HERE
Wearing: Sweater & Bomber: Adidas x Pharell Williams △ Jeans: Eden Park △ Sneakers: Nike 
Thank you for reading! 

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