Saturday, 10 September 2016


Hello everybody! I am here with a quick little inspirational post for you guys, because in my opinion, every reason to dress up is a good one, especially when there are sequins involved. The reason I am talking about is the nothing less than the Film Festival of Ostend (FFO), that takes place from the 9th of September until the 17th of September. Yesterday, the Festival officially opened, and this year's edition is extra special, as it is the tenth time this Film Festival takes place!

What is special about the FFO, is the focus on Flemish cinematography, with an atypical approach, while still offering a great international selection as well. Starting off yesterday, the Festival will count no less than 60 (!) premieres, all curated around the main theme, Film Noir. Kevin Janssens, one of Belgium's finest actors, is the official 'master' during this year's run of the FFO. Cool thing is: for 30 euros (and only 20 if you are under 26!), you can get a festival pass, which grants you access to ALL of the movies in this year's program. That's a whole lotta film for not a lotta money, if you ask me! (Get your pass here)

Now, I myself will be going to Ostend on Wednesday the 14th, to check out the Belgian avant-première of Absolutely Fabulous, the Movie. That's right, you have probably heard, there finally is a movie based on the immensely popular cult series Ab Fab. I personally can't wait to see what shenanigans Edina and Patsy will get themselves into now, but of course, I want to dress the part! That's why I made a collage of some of the most fabulous pieces I could find, and when thinking Absolutely Fabulous, I can't help but think 'pink' and 'sequins'. I mean, look at the TOTALLY fabulous carpet backdrop at their London premiere! *swoon*

Everyone who even slightly knows me, knows that I am basically a magpie in disguise. I love everything shiny, sequined and blinged-out, and like I said, I will take every excuse for me to go all out with the bling. Because the FFO focuses on the Belgian/Flemish cinema scene, I wanted to incorporate some of my favourite Belgian brands into the mix. Remember, y'all, there's no place like home, and some times you don't need to go far to find something good. With brand like O'ren, Filles à Papa and Tutu Chic, you're set for the most ab fab premiere you have ever seen. Of course, when talking sequins, I couldn't possibly not mention Ashish, the sequin label to rule all sequin labels. Over all, I think I can surely get some inspiration from this moodboard, and I'll keep you guys updated on what I'm wearing. Are you guys going to the FFO? Or are you just very excited to see Ab Fab, the Movie? Let me know down below!

What's in the collage: 

Sweater: O'ren ♡ Suspenders: Filles à Papa (on sale!) ♡ Sequin Jumpsuit: Filles à Papa (on sale!) ♡
Golden Jacket: Ashish ♡ Shoes: Topshop ♡ Socks: Filles à Papa ♡ Skirt: Tutu Chic ♡ Bag: Skinnydip ♡ Golden Flared Pants: Ashish

Happy movie nights, and thank you for reading! 

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