Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Hey guys! I'm here with part two of my collab with the Hannah Jinkins x H&M collection. Hannah won this year's H&M Design Award, which means she got to develop some of her pieces and actually produce them together with H&M, and mark your calendars, because TOMORROW (October 20th), the collection will be available online and in stores. Your feedback on my part one (you can read it here!) has been amazing, and to be honest, I am very excited to share this second look with you.

For this one, I chose to style the oversized ochre sweater. Now, if you wanna talk about a statement piece, this is a STATEMENT piece! For one, it is extremely oversized: I mean, I'm almost two metres tall - for my American readers, that's about 6 feet 6 - and I can literally wear it as a dress, with no pants underneath, without revealing too much of my behind. And believe me, that says a lot! From all the items in the collection I think this one has one of the strongest (de)constructed vibes to it: the different materials,  both on the sleeves and at the cuffs, the ragged edges and especially the layered look of the sleeves together with the stapled details give it that very 'I pulled two sweaters apart and put them back together in the wrong order but it still slays' kinda look. You get me? At the same time, it all works together, and this sweater gives you a lot of styling options: wearing it tucked into jeans, over a pair of trousers or without anything else, like I did here. Also: can we talk about that copper bar detail that creates these gorgeous not-quite-a-waist-but-giving-you-something-to-think-about folds/pleats? I adore little things like that, they really lift a design to the next level.

Like I said, I wore this sweater on its own, with a pair of black Dr. Martens on it, and I'm kinda crazy about the result. I love how 'cool and sturdy' I look, and I mean, I have to say: #legsfordays, baby! I'm also a little bit obsessed with the coordinating colours in this editorial. Like, HELLO FALL! Come through autumnal colours! There's something about those rusty, earthy tones I just love so much! What do you think?

 Pictures by Lisa De Lange ♡

Wearing: Sweater: Hannah Jinkins for H&M (available TOMORROW, October 20th!) △  Boots: Dr. Martens 

Once again, I had so much fun creating these series for you guys, and I am honestly very proud with how they turned out! You can check every piece of the collection here, and if you're interested: the entire collection will be available for purchase from tomorrow onwards! Which items do you wanna grab? And which of the two looks do you like the best? 
Thank you for reading! 

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