Monday, 17 October 2016


Hey everyone! Guess who's back in full force? Actually, it has been a while since I shared a proper fashion shoot on here, and I'm very excited to get back in the editorial game, especially when I get to work with cool collections like this one. You might remember that last year, I did two looks with the previous winner of the H&M Design Award, Ximon Lee. Y'all really seemed to like those editorials, and I did too, so I wanted to come back for round two! Yep, this is my second year in a row shooting for the H&M Design Award (HMDA) winner, and I have some good reasons for that. 

First of all, I love the idea of a big company like H&M giving a platform to new, fresh voices in the fashion scene. The H&M Design Awards are an amazing opportunity for beginning designers to go out there and share their work with a very large audience. Secondly: the collections created for the H&M Design Awards are always something different. They have a raw vibe about them, almost experimental. I love how, through this Award, edgier designs find their way to the high street in some way. And last but not least: a lot of the times, the designs invite to experiment with gender fluidity/your look in general, which I also did in today's look. Trying out new things, making unexpected combo's, these H&M Design Award collections always challenge me to think about my silhouette in a different way. Yes to fashion that renders you a new point of view! 

This year's winner is Hannah Jinkins, a student at the Royal College of Art in London. Her designs are raw and edgy, but in a defined way. Here, I am wearing the stapled jeans jacket from her collection. The cinched waist gives this jacket a whole other feel and look, and I love how it creates that contrast between raw and refined. Also, I can't help but ADORE the detailing on this jacket: the folds, the copper staples that almost look like stitches, the ragged edges,... It all comes together beautifully. This collection ties in perfectly with the trend of (de)construction that has been going around lately, and is seen at, for example, Balenciaga and Vetements. 
Because I wanted to play with the gender fluidity this collection holds, I paired the jacket with a black pleated skirt. The contrast between soft and hard works amazingly in my eyes, especially combined with the chunky Dr. Martens boots. And nope, I am not wearing a shirt, and nope, I was not that cold. I think the look of that heavy denim on bare skin is quite cool, to be honest! Also: can we talk about the make-up that perfectly matches that wall? Honestly, I didn't even know we were going to shoot there, I just wanted something in the same earthy tones as the collection. Mission accomplished, I guess! 

The H&M x Hannah Jinkins collection launches on the 20th of October (this Thursday!) and is available in selected stores and online. You can check out all the pieces of the collection right here, by the way! The second part of this collab, featuring another piece of her collection, will go live on Wednesday. Any guesses on which item it might be? 

 Pictures by Lisa De Lange ♡

Wearing: Jacket: Hannah Jinkins for H&M  △ Skirt: Lola & Liza △ Boots: Dr. Martens

Are you excited for this collab? Or are you more of a Kenzo x H&M kinda queen? Or maybe both? I'm very excited to share part two of these series with you, I can tell you, it will be GOOD! Who will be snatching some of the pieces in this collection? I know I'll be dreaming about that burgundy bomber jacket for sure! 

Thank you for reading! 

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