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Hey everyone! Yep, you probably already know it from the title: today's outfit is a look from the very hyped Kenzo x H&M collection. Three outfits in a row, yes, and three outfits around a H&M x .... collab collection (if you haven't seen my two looks from the Hannah Jinkins for H&M line, check here and here). 
It is possible that you are thinking "Dear God, are you turning into a walking ad for H&M collabs?", and I can promise you: I'm not. Thing is: with what I do, the gender fluidity thing, I feel blessed every time there is a collection that fits my blog/style/personality, and these collections both fit into my image immaculately. I want to feature what I genuinely love, and a lot of collections out there are just not a right match. So, when there IS a match, I want to make the most of it, and show you guys how versatile genderfluid dressing can be. 

A little disclaimer, but not really 

Time for some brutal honesty, some straight-up transparency: I did contact the people over at H&M myself when I saw the Hannah Jinkins collection. I knew that it would work perfectly on my blog, and I wanted to create something with those stunning pieces. H&M was very happy to work together on this one, and they agreed to send me some stuff to style and shoot. Good, that is that. The next day, however, I got another mail from the H&M Belgium headquarters, asking me if I wanted to be one of the ambassadors for this year's H&M designer collab with Kenzo. They told me they saw a perfect fit with the androgynous lookbook, where both men and women showed the same pieces, and they offered me to send me a look to shoot, with my spin on it.

You see, I did hesitate at first: I knew I was going to do two looks with the H&M Designer Award collection, and I wondered if three collab posts in a row was too much for you guys to take me serious/not see me as a sell-out. After going back and forth for a while, I decided to just go for it. I mean, they were right: the whole Kenzo x H&M line is right up my alley, and so was the Hannah Jinkins collection. Also, they are COMPLETELY different collections, and still they both work extremely well with my blog image. That's why I wanted to do both these collabs: to show you guys that genderfluid dressing isn't a one trick pony, but that it offers SO much possibilities and opens up SO much styling options. The look I picked to shoot is indeed worn by a man in the lookbook, but it screams fun and freedom, and I love how the whole collection has a 'do your thang and slay while doing so' vibe. It's all about mixing and matching, trying out strong silhouettes, bringing your personality into your outfit. And that's exactly what I am all about. So yeah, I worked with H&M on two different collabs, and yes, they are close together, but I completely stand for everything I do on here, and I am proud of the results of all three shoots I did. Now, enough disclaimery stuff, let's get to the outfit! 

When I first saw the entire lookbook, I was overwhelmed, to say the least. A lot of colours, a lot of prints, a lot of textures. Not exactly the style I have been going for lately, I thought, until I looked into it. Almost every item from the collection is a stunner piece, an item that can elevate a boring outfit and make it an interesting one. Also, the fact that the whole lookbook had this vibe of gender fluidity and freedom around it really spoke to me (obviously). There was one shot that immediately spoke to me (next to this INCREDIBLE layered pink-green ensemble), and I immediately knew that that would be 'my look'. Of course, when H&M contacted me, I wanted to go with that one, to stay as true to myself as possible, and the lovely team  over at H&M Belgium made it work. One day after the lookbook was released world wide, an entire box full of Kenzo goodies landed on my doorstep. Yes, please! 

About the collection and the look

The whole collection is very "Into the Jungle" themed (which is why the official hashtag #hmfashionjungle should come as no suprise), so I decided to take it all the way and make my way into the wilderness (an organised botanic garden one, that is). I contacted Jana Germanus, a friend of mine who is an amazing photographer (she shot the H&M Conscious campaign with Elise Crombez!), and asked her if she wanted to capture the very essence of this collection. It was sweaty, it was hot and it was a race against the clock (the botanic garden closed half an hour after we arrived, great planning), BUT WE MADE IT WORK! I am extremely psyched with the results of this shoot, and I think the pictures look amazing! Dare I say there is some campaign material in there? 

The pieces I am wearing here are a fluffy green zebra print turtleneck (probably my favourite item in the entire outfit), a double sided bomber jacket, which has a scalloped green print on one side and a plain black one on the other (yay, different looks with one item!), and a black skinny jeans from the collection. If I had to pick one item, I would go for the turtleneck: it's extremely fun and cool, fully lined, very cosy and warm, AND it is so much more versatile than you would think! Wearing it unbuttoned gives it a completely different vibe than when it's all done up, and you can really style this in a lot of different ways. Winner piece! 

The collection lands online and in selected stores on the 3d of November, and I'll be trying to snatch some of my favourite pieces at the presale party. I'm IN LOVE with this fluffy, decadent coat, so I might try to get my hands on that one, stay tuned! Which items are on your wishlist? Let me know! You can check the whole collection right here

 Pictures by the extremely talented Jana Germanus 

Wearing: Full Look: Kenzo x H&M 

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