Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Hey guys! Long overdue but still quite exciting: today I'll be sharing the second part of my shoot for Sébastien Vandekerckhove, the Belgian jewellery label I introduced to you guys a couple of weeks ago. Remember those huge golden statement earrings? Well, they are quite difficult to forget, considering the fact that they are almost bigger than my face. I think it's clear that Sébastien makes some showstopping pieces, and honestly, the things I'll be showing you today are nothing different. The jewellery itself may look a little more toned down or wearable (and granted, it is), but still: every single piece is so well made, so intricate. They make a statement not in size or boldness, but in elegance and craftmanship, combined with a sense of powerfulness running through them.

To be honest, I don't really know where to begin with this look. Do I start with the stunning, strong cuffs? With the delicate necklaces, dangling like a waterfall? Or maybe I should just start with the party on the back, the jacket that made me want to collab with this label in the first place. 
When you look at it from the front, this leather jacket doesn't look like anything special. It isn't until you turn it around and see the back, that you realise why this is such a special item. Sébastien embellished, bejewelled, adorned this one of a kind jacket by hand, and it truly is a work of art. The contrast between the materials and structures in this jacket is amazing, and I have never seen anything like it. Items like these make you understand why fashion is so often compared to art, and rightfully so. The rest of the jewellery combined beautifully together, and I can honestly say I would totally wear that long draped necklace and those cuffs on the daily. There lays so much though and effort in each piece, each item looks almost more like a sculpture than an accessory, and I can't help but have the utmost respect for everything Sébastien does. Take a look for yourself!

Wearing: Bejewelled Leather Jacket: Sébastien Vandekerckhove △ All jewellery: Sébastien Vandekerckhove  △ Jumper: (old) Zara
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