Monday, 21 August 2017


Ahhh, those Summer days. The beach, ice cream, pastel colours... Exactly the vibes I wanted to go for with these pictures! I went to the beach with my family and it was not only a beautiful day, it was also the perfect setting to properly introduce you to my new glasses.

If you follow me on Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter, or basically any social media platform ever, you have most definitely seen these glasses already. I'v been wearing these glasses every day since the day I got them, and needless to say I absolutely love them. Funny thing is: people actually ask me if they're 'real glasses', probably because these type of glasses have been very en vogue lately, even with people who don't actually need them. I can assure you: they are. Without my glasses, I'd be even more clumsy than I already am, and we wanna spare the world from that, don't we. 

Now, about the brand behind these glasses. Neubau eyewear is an Austrian label that based its identity on the innovative and upcoming Neubau district in Vienna. It's a colourful place full of individual expression, a perfect match for what the founders had in mind for their brand. Now, neubau is all about light, effortlessly chic frames that stick with you. Another big plus for me is the fact that the brand is very conscious of its effects on the environment. That's why they really pay attention to how everything they design is manufactured. For example: the boxes the glasses come in don't require glue, the cleaning cloths are made of recycled plastic bottles, and most striking: from last April onwards, all polymer glasses are made out of naturalPX, an organic and renewable material based on castor oil. You see, you can look good and do good, all at the same time!

I picked the silver Edmund frame, because I had been looking for a pair of glasses like these for a while now. Tbh, I just love how light and simple they are, while the double nose bridge gives them that little something extra. I've had people asking me if the 80s are back and baby, I wouldn't even mind. With my hair growing out, my vintage sweater and my glasses I actually look a lot like my dad when he was young, and I'm kinda here for it! I fully love the vintage sunny vibes in these pics, hope you do too! Have a great end of summer, y'all! 


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