Monday, 28 August 2017


Fashion is art and art is fashion, and I love it when the two collide. For their latest collab, Belgian brand CKS teamed up with a Belgian illustrator who goes under the name of Dzia.
The name itself might not ring a bell, but his designs probably will. Dzia's work goes from installations over sculptures to paintings, but he's probably best known for the murals he makes inspired by wildlife. His work is popping up all over the world: from Antwerp, his hometown, to Shanghai; urban areas everywhere are getting animalistic makeovers. And it doesn't end there.

This summer, Dzia translated his designs for CKS to go on sweaters and T-shirts, and give them that urban cool feel. The result? A collection of mostly unisex pieces featuring rabbits, swans and the famous 'Dzia fox'. I picked the swan one, because #eleganza, and I inspired my make-up on the sketchy look of the designs. Talking about drawing attention to the face! Which design would you pick? You can check out the collab here. (I lowkey want the black fox one as well, not gonna lie.)

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