Monday, 30 October 2017


HALLOWEEN'S HERE, WITCHES! For the last two years I've celebrated the spooky season with my friend Ellen Devos, who does bodypaints and transforms people in whatever they want. In 2015 she did a rainbow skull, last year I was a hooked mermaid and this year, it's the glambot edition! 

We wanted to keep things pretty but scary, glam but gore. One of the main inspirations I showed Ellen was Nebula, the human-robot hybrid character from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I totally love her look and while she's obviously scary, she also has something extremely beautiful about her. Basically, I gave Ellen the basic idea and told her to do her thing with it, and she totally did. She came up with the rainbow inside of the bot and she shaded each part of the inside mechanism inidvidually. She painted for a total of five hours, purely for my face and my neck, but damn, was it worth it! I feel like the results keep getting better each year and she just rocks my world every time.

You can check out all her work via her Facebook page but prepare to be amazed. She does complete bodies as well as faces and even bellypaints on pregnant women, and I say this every year but damn: she's probably one of the most talented people I know. Turning people into living pieces of art like that? I wish I could! Major major thanks to Ellen for creating this masterpiece with me, I love it when we get our creative juices flowing and the outcome is just absolutely fabulous. 

Now, all that's left for me to say is: have a spooky Halloween, be safe and ENJOY yourselves! What are you dressing up as? 

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