About me

I am basically another one of those fashion bloggers, having more crushes on fashion than on boys, being a real fashion victim and combining that with some craziness, an extravagant touch to a plain outfit, and basically with being a real fashion chameleon: the one day I could be dressed in an all black outfit, the other day I can be looking like a rainbow. But apart from most of the fashion bloggers, I am a man. I think of that as an advantage, since my view on women's clothes can be refreshing and new. Or something like that. You'll be seeing women's and men's wear coming up here.

I am ambitious, love photography, theatre, writing and of course fashion. I'd love to be living in Antwerp in a few years, I feel like my chances could be bigger and the opportunities better over there.
I hope you enjoy this blog, but most of all I hope I can make you reflect some times on what fashion is about and I hope you can come over here to sit back, relax and be amused by this glimpse into my fashion mind. Welcome and be my guest!